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Dr. Robert Chatlos & Dr. Chatlos-Rothermel

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Chatlos.  I've been a dentist for over 30 years and I still look forward to going to work each morning.  My practice is like a second home for me and doing dentistry is second nature.  My patients and my staff make work fun and enjoyable. 

Doctor Chatlos, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA

Dental health is of utmost importance to me.  Overall health includes healthy gums and teeth free from infection.  Dental esthetics is also paramount since how we feel about ourselves also affects our overall health.  My practice is a great place for patients to come to achieve all of these goals because we have such a supportive and comforting atmosphere. 

My name is Cynthia Chatlos-Rothermel. I completed my undergraduate education at Penn State University and I graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in May 2008. 

I was eager to move back to the Pittsburgh area and start my career as a general dentist with my father in his practice. I grew up hanging out at the office with my dad and his staff.  

Cynthia Chatlos, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA

The practice feels like family since most of the staff has been there since before I can even remember. I enjoy going to work in such a supportive and friendly environment where everyone works together to try to make each patient feel comfortable and relaxed. 
I love being a dentist!  It is a very rewarding profession since I can help people to look and feel their best.  Helping someone to improve their smile and their confidence is really life changing. Watching my dad accomplish these services for a patient is what attracted me to the dental profession and I will always have him to thank for being such an inspiring role model.

Beth, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA

Kerri, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA
     ► Beth
My name is Beth. I've enjoyed working as a dental hygienist with Dr. Chatlos for more than 30 years. I believe having a clean healthy mouth is important for your body's total health. 

We have a wonderful staff that works together to accomplish that goal for our patients. It has been a blessing to treat so many great people in our office.  Our patients feel like family when we share not only their dental needs but the joys and sorrows of life, too.  Thanks to our patients who make it easy to come to work each morning.

My name is Kerri and I have been Dr. Chatlos' chair-side assistant since 2003 and Dr. Cynthia Chatlos' since she was welcomed to the practice in June 2008. I really enjoy my job and look forward to coming to work and interacting with the friendly staff and patients. My goal everyday is to make our patients feel comfortable and reassured that they are receiving the best care possible to maintain their healthy smiles.

► Laurie
My name is Laurie and I've been one of Dr. Chatlos' dental assistants since 1984. I've enjoyed working here so long because of the great people I work with and the wonderful patients we have, not to mention Dr. Chatlos' skill and dedication.

► Lorraine
My name is Lorraine and I am the receptionist and insurance clerk. I have been working with Dr. Chatlos since 1989.  I enjoy helping people with their dental needs.

► Karen
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Laurie, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA

Lorraine, Gentle Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA